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At Designheight, I believe that it takes great advertising to make a brand truly stand out, emotionally connect with their customers and build brand loyalty.

To do that you can't run boring ads or play it safe, you have got to take risks. I believe that an ad agency has the responsibility to make its client's brand unique within its own niche.

I subscribe to the school of advertising that states, "Great advertising has two main elements: one is that it is relevant, & two, that it is unexpected." First it delivers the right message to the right audience, via the right media, at the right time.

Second, you are surprised because you didn't expect that particular
delivery—be it humor, or point of view, or a unique situation. The bottom line is that you remember it and you act on it.

I feel that the benefit of originality is sincerity. If an ad comes at you from a totally unexpected place, you are more open to give it your full attention and belief. This is my philosophy when it comes to producing advertising, that it is relevant and unexpected, that it builds brands that emotionally connect with their customers, that it generates customer loyalty and eventual market dominance.

Today, the businesses that are succeeding are the ones that are partnering with their ad agencies to create great advertising and great brands—that are taking risks, breaking through, connecting with your customers and winning.

I exists to pursue this philosophy and help its clients move their customers, their bottom lines and their brands. Let me show you what I can do for your business. Call me today.

  Design is... A unique language.
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  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Advertising
  • Motion Graphics
  • Flash Design
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