I always enjoy my job because it pays me a lot of new experience.

Who am i

I am a creative designer with more than 6 years of experience within the Industry. My specialization is in the fields of Advertising, Graphic Design and Web Design with the majority of my time spent on implementing marketing promotions for business such as logos, websites, business cards, hoardings, posters design, magazine ads, press ads, packaging and many more.

I hold a Bachelor of Fine Art ( BFA) Graphic being major and Master of Fine Art (MFA) in campaign planning from Indira Kala Sangeet University.

I have been actively involved in Design for years... Best Replica Watches after having my MFA degree. In the early age of my career In 2000, I was involved in Jobs like Banner design, Screen printing, Sign board, Glow Sign Board design and Advertise layout design etc.

In the year 2001, I joined Fine Art College & worked parallely as a layout Designer for a newspaper company. During my College career I worked as Lead designer, for Designing Posters, Invitation card, Pamphlets, Brochure, Folder & College calendar in the Annual Exhibition.

In the Year 2004, I partly switched over my career to Graphic and Web designing and after completion of my Post Graduation in Fine Art I devoted myself fully in this field, still I'm enjoying my Job and looking forward through this only.

As a designer I always enjoy my job because it pays me a lot of new experience & the opportunities to do something new.

I always believe in commitment towards my job & in long term professional relationship by providing creative, clear, practical & strategic design solution.

If you're looking for a hard working, skilled and very down-to-Earth designer then look no further.

gradeonewatch.com Design is... Colorful xerox of my mind.
I worked as lead deigner in the early age of my career in 2001.

Areas of my work

I am offers customized, professional design solutions for a broad range of Print Advertise and Web marketing materials. Plan, develop, and deliver any size project from small one-off logos, business cards, and brochures to comprehensive campaign planning, branding identity and websites. In Designheight i am educate my customers on the importance of Advertising in the market for the product and constantly updating and changing their websites in order to maintain an binteresting, helpful environment for their customers.

i am offers other web based services such as domain name registration, website, maintenance, redesign, online portfolios for entertainers and artists, flash animations, 3D design, graphic design, as well as audio & video for the world wide web.

I have solutions to meet all of your online and offline marketing needs. The next Internet boom is not far off, and i am working diligently to educate my clients to meet that challenge, and to position them strategically so that they realize a successful return on their investment.

Design is... All in the way you think.
Better idea in my website but many more best idea’s in my mind.

How i do it

At Designheight i believe in Commitment, Excellence & Integrity. For evaluating business strengths and vulnerabilities you need a strong logic, valid methods and up to date technology through which your business gets a unique outlook. This is the reason that I treat each project differently, i.e. with reference to its core business model. Advertising, Graphic and Web designing approaches that i have devised for my working are:

Analysis and project research : I start every project with analysis and project research. At first i conduct an initial meeting with the client to learn about the company policies and discuss the project in detail. At this meeting i outline the goals for the site, determine its target audience, and think on its creative sketch. i also establish various approaches and strategies to achieve the stated goals.

Concept development : After the initial step, an appropriate plan is made which leads everything down to the last detail. first develop architecture or dummy followed by the content and text for the same is produced to fit the architecture.

Final design creation : The site is then developed and assembled on my server and Advertisement is ready to hit the market. i create the graphics and layout of the copy according to the architectural plans. It is then presented to the client for final revisions. Once you approve the strategy, I execute according to a timeline. You are kept informed throughout the process.

Project Delivery : I plan a smooth release and launch of the fresh Advertisement, Graphic, Web site. My quality assurance test does a final pre-flight check before the launch, maintains and updates the site as often as required.

Design is... Which make thought's visual.
My goal is to take your vision about your brand, Company and make it into realty.

My Goal

My Goal as a Visualizer is to understand your market strategy and take your vision about your brand & company to provide complete customer satisfaction by supplying quality service on time, every time and help each client maximize the benefit of their marketing efforts through a professional, eye-catching corporate image.

Whether you are taking an initial step into the World Wide Web or are looking to improve your current web site through design improvements, i can help you reach your goals with professional, affordable solutions.

Designheight is a multi-disciplined branding & design firm that is fuelled by creative thinking. I provide a complete range of creative services specializing in Brand Identity, Print Advertising and interactive Website Design. By determining your niche in the marketplace, I can creatively communicate your brand's message and provide the results you want for your business.

My goal is simple – grow your business, obsess over your image and develop your brand.

I specialize in effective web based solutions and internet marketing strategies to communicate your company's unique brand and message, crafted to target your intended audience. Let me show you tailored and targeted solutions to build brand recognition and turn internet searches into faithful and happy customers.

I take pride in my work, so when i build your site it has to not only meet your needs, but my own high quality standards.

My portfolio will give you a glance of creativity In my work.

For me no job is too big or too small, so don't hesitate to inquire about any job you might have in your mind from complete logo, website and branding campaign's to simple business cards or invitations.

Design is... Persistent trying.
Delivers the right message of right audience, via the right media, at the right time.

My Philosophy

At Designheight, I believe that it takes great advertising to make a brand truly stand out, emotionally connect with their customers and build brand loyalty. To do that you can't run boring ads or play it safe, you have got to take risks. I believe that an ad agency has the responsibility to make its client's brand unique within its own niche.

I subscribe to the school of advertising that states, "Great advertising has two main elements: one is that it is relevant, & two, that it is unexpected." First it delivers the right message to the right audience, via the right media, at the right time.

Second, you are surprised because you didn't expect that particular delivery—be it humor, or point of view, or a unique situation. The bottom line is that you remember it and you act on it.

I feel that the benefit of originality is sincerity. If an ad comes at you from a totally unexpected place, you are more open to give it your full attention and belief. This is my philosophy when it comes to producing advertising, that it is relevant and unexpected, that it builds brands that emotionally connect with their customers, that it generates customer loyalty and eventual market dominance.

Today, the businesses that are succeeding are the ones that are partnering with their ad agencies to create great advertising and great brands—that are taking risks, breaking through, connecting with your customers and winning.

I exists to pursue this philosophy and help its clients move their customers, their bottom lines and their brands. Let me show you what I can do for your business. Call me today.

Design is... A unique language.