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Designheight here introduces you with its Identity.
As all the things around us are evolved from three basic shapes of design, so is Designheight's logo.

Its design is being classic as well as in vogue. The name comprises of two words DESIGN & HEIGHT which represents design in class by oneself.

Looks of this design is so simple, eye catching & hence it remains in the mind of user . This image symbolises a body that is more progressive, dynamic, energetic and able to compete in accomplishing challenges especially in providing Advertising, Graphic & Web services.

Idea - Base of every design includes three shapes which are Circle, Square and Triangle. These shapes in Designheight's logo represent bottomless working capacity, expertise, quick concept developing, extra ordinary ideas, good professional relationship, and loyality towards both work as well as customer.

Color - Blue is a cool calming color of sky and sea that shows creativity and intelligence, is the uniform of Designheight, It is often associated with height, depth and stability. It symbolises trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and intelligence of Designheight.

Typography- The first letter is capital as global standard in communication. And this font style represent art and technique of setting written subject matter in a unique type using simple combination.

My expertise in
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Advertising
  • Motion Graphics
  • Flash Design
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