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My business card

                  My business card

Designheight Believes In
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Ceaselessly pursue excellence in all aspects of my work ­ product, process
and service.

Respect all clients, colleagues, associates and suppliers irrespective of apparent "seniority" or "hierarchy"

Display utmost sincerity and professionalism towards clients' businesses, and stand by whatever i feel is beneficial for them. Resist the temptation to please the client for short-term benefits.

Strive for constant growth of my self and associates in terms of skills, knowledge, and responsibilities.

Look at work and professional activity as a means to goodwill, fulfillment, good health and a good personal life. Working merely for financial gains takes away all happiness from work and from life.

  Design is... So simple that's why it's so complicated.
My expertise in
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Advertising
  • Motion Graphics
  • Flash Design
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